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The advantage of Plastic Brick Pallets

Author : mike Date : 11/15/2014 7:01:44 PM
The Plastic brick pallet have a vey good smooth surface, against the naisuanjian&corrosion, boiling resistance, impact resistance, high strength, shock, non-absorbent, deformation, no crack, long service life, can be recycled etc.All of these advantages can reduce the productive cost of brick, solved the long-term problem in new building materials factory.

Compare to the wooden pallet and bamboo pallets, the bamboo pallet and wooden pallets are easy aborbent, deformation, cracking, so they are in a short spanlife.

Also compare the highest cost of steel pallet, our weight is much lighter and much cheaper in price.

We welcome you inquiry for our HDPE brick pallets & PP block pallets.