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Why I buy my Pallets from you?

Author : Mike Date : 7/25/2015 11:25:02 PM
Some customers may want to ask:"Why I buy my Pallets from you"?
I can buy wooden pallets or other pallets from local market or buy from some other Chinese Pallets Manufacturers.
That's true, but we must say that if you buy from us you can get the most benefit!!!---We give you the best quality and service with the lowest cost.
As far as we know, the brick industry, China manufacturer supplied more than 60% of machines and the other parts.

When you want to replace or buy the new pallets, you just want to get the best cost performance:
1) Price-
We are Chinese pallets manufacturers, for more than 12 years(since 2012).
China has the most cheap material and labor. So the price is very cheap compare to other countries.
This is the advantage to oversea suppliers.
Also We are local in Hangzhou city, which is only 2 hours from Shanghai and ningbo port.
This save us a lot of freight cost compare with other China suppliers.
The most important is our company mangement, we have a very efficient working plan.
We are also the most earliest suppliers who exported the pallet in China. 
You can get more cheap price than buy from traders in China.
2) Quality-
We have 4 quality plastic brick pallets for your choose,
This also help you have more choice to satified with different customers.
Every Pallets we have workers checking to keep a perfect pallets delivery to customers.
When you use long-term our pallets, you can also improve your brick quality.
3) Service-
We have our own service for every customers.
You can get a quality guarantee after buy from us.
And our sales team will also give you the best service when you buy from us.
We will help you as much as we can.

Still have any doubt? Contact us for an inquiry or request a sample.